Where to buy a "bota de vino" (bota bag or wineskin) in Madrid?

A bota bag or wineskin, "bota de vino" in spanish, is a traditional liquid container made of leather specially designed to carry wine with you.

A bota bag could be a good option as a present or souvenir of Madrid since it is something authentic, handmade and most important, it is practical since still today is the way a lot of people carry the wine with them during excursions or countryside walks.

A bota bag is perfect to keep the wine because it is flexible letting you take out the air from the inside (remember that once opened the air will ruin your wine). Modern bota bags have a plastic liner buttraditional ones are lined with pine resin or other resins to prevent liquids from seeping through the goat skin.

Souvenirs shops offer fake "botas de vino" which could work as a present but not as a real wine bag. Instead WTM recommend you to visit the only "botería" (bota bag workshop) that it is still open in Madrid.

The stablishment is situated in the street: 
Calle del Águila 12, 28005, Madrid, La Latina district. Map
Metro: Puerta de Toledo Station (Line 5) or La Latina Station (Line 5).
The craftman's grandfather bought the workshop in 1945 and fortunately the place keep the same genuine aspect.

The owner and the last wineskin craftsman of Madrid will show you the traditional technique to make the bota bags and will teach you the secrets to keep them properly at home to last for many years.

An authentic "bota de vino" (1 liter capacity) will cost you around €24.