Where to eat a calamari sandwich in Madrid? The most genuine snack

One of the most genuine gastronomic tradition of madrilians is to eat a calamari sandwich in the Plaza Mayor square. 

It consists on a sandwich full of squid coated in flour and fried in oil. It serves freshly made.

If you are around Plaza Mayor and it is time for the aperitif, lunch or a snack, there is no doubt, any madrilian will have a calamri sandwich, the perfect and the most genuine snack along with a "caña" (beer served in a small glass). So you can not leave Madrid before tasting a calamari sandwich.

Plaza Mayor square and surroundings is plenty of bars and restaurants offering calamari snadwichs. Prices of a calamari sandwich in the area goes from 2,70€ to 6,20€.

We recommend you not to pay more than 3,50€ for a calamari sandwich.

The most famous establishments to taste a calamari sandwich with a good price-quality relation are (marked in the map with a star):

Bar Postas: Postas Street
Casa Rúa: Ciudad de Rodrigo Street 2,85€
Magerit: Ciudad Rodrigo Street (front of bulding in the square) 2,90€
Cervecería La Campana: Botoneras Street 2,70€
Bar La Ideal: Botoneras Street 2,70€

We have included all the establishments offering calamari sandwichs in Plaza Mayor square and surroundings with their situation and sandwich´s price (May 2013) in the following map: