Where to find a "corrala" hotel in Madrid? The most genuine madrilian establishment

Where To Madrid proposes you to stay in a different and genuine place rather than a bored standard hotel. Why not to stay in the most traditional madrilian house? Why not to stay in a "Corrala" hotel?

A "corrala" was a typical building in old Madrid, a building of adjoining apartments with interior balconies which overhang a central courtyard or patio. This type of house was built in old Madrid from the 16th century to the 19th century with the aim of accomodate the thousand of people coming from the countryside to work in the city. The central courtyard had a social function. There the neighbours had the possibility to interact and share experiences, simulating the village squares. Childrens playing, people chatting, old people resting, women sewing up, a place to celebrate parties and events, where people sang and danced "sevillanas".
Where To Madrid offers you a list of Corrala-like hotels & hostels & apartments in Madrid:
  • Posada del León de Oro Hotel
Address: C/ Cava Baja 12. 28005. Madrid. Map 
Price: From 80€ (Double room)

  •  Posada del Dragón Hotel
Addresss: C/ Cava Baja 14. 28005. Madrid. Map
Price: From 75€ (Double room)

  •  Mad Hostel Madrid
Address: C/ de la Cabeza 24. 28012. Madrid. Map 
Price: From 11€ (1 bed in room for up to 10 people)

  • The Living Roof Hostel
Address: C/ Dos de Mayo 16. 41001. Madrid. Map 
Price: From 9€ (1 bed in room for up to 10 people)

  • La Corrala de Tirso Apartment
Website: Different booking apartment websites. Example: Here
Address: C/ Ministriles 10. 28012. Madrid. Map
Price: From 90€ (6 people apartment)