Where to eat "churros" and "chocolate" in Madrid? - The genuine madrilian breakfast

The madrilians typically eat "churros" and "chocolate" for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or a late night stop on their way back home after partying.

The "churros" are made of white flour, water, butter, salt, sugar and vegetable oil for frying the long and ridged pieces of pastry. Once fried, the golden browns and crispy "churros" are ready to be dipped into the hot and creamy chocolate. A variety of "churro" is the "porra", thicker and larger.

A breakfast of "churros con chocolate" normally includes 6 "churros" or 2 "porras" and a cup of hot chocolate. Where to Madrid recommend you to order some water too, since the combination of sweet chocolate and salty "churros" causes thirst.

The place specialized in "churros" is called "Churrería" but it´s possible to find "Churros con chocolate" almost in every cofee shop or cafeteria in Madrid. However it is not easy to find them in hotel restaurants so Where to Madrid recommend you to book your hotel at least one day without breakfast.


The most famous "Churrería" in Madrid is San Ginés. Opened in 1894 is the oldest "churrería" in the city. San Ginés is located in the heart of Madrid, in a small alley next to Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. Because of San Ginés fame is very difficult to find a free table to enjoy your traditional breakfast despite that the establishment has two floors so you should try to arrive early in the morning. The decoration simulates the typical cafeterias of the 19th century.

Address: Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5. Map
Opening time: 9:00 AM - Late night.
Metro: Sol Station
Price: 3,80€ ("Churros" and chocolate).