Where to buy cigarettes in Madrid?

Buying cigarettes in Madrid is not that easy, Where To Madrid helps you in this task.

What you need to know about smoking in Madrid:
  1. Minimum age to buy tobacco is 18.
  2. Smoking in public indoor places such as bars, discos, stations, airports, shops and so on is totally prohibited.
  3. Sale and distribution of cigarettes and tobacco is limited to official tobacco stores called "estanco" or cigarettes vending machines placed in bars, cofee shops, retaurants or gas stations.
  4. Throwing down your cigarette after you have finished is penalized.
  • Tobacco stores:

Estancos offer a wide variety of tobacco: Cigars, cigarettes, blonde tobacco, black tobacco, rolling tobacco, pipes, cigarette paper, lighters and so on.
Opening hours: 
Each tobacco store has his own timetable.
They are usually open up to 9:00 AM and close by 10:00 PM and most of them close for lunch time (2:00 PM to 5:00 PM).
Does not exist a website to look up tobacco stores so we recommend you 3 options:
  1. Looking around in the streets trying to identify the "estanco" logo.
  2. Asking somebody in the street by saying in spanish "Un estanco por favor" (A tobacco store please?)
  3. Downloading for free the app "Estancos cercanos" developed for Android. Using your smarthphone GPS the app locates all the tobacco stores near your current position.
  • Cigarettes vending machines

Tobacco vending machines only sell packets of tobacco cigarettes. The tobacco distributed by vending machines is usually blonde tobacco. The machines accept coins and notes and automatically detect false money.
Bars, cofee shops, restaurants or gas stations.
Given that the minimum age to buy cigarettes is 18, cigarettes vending machines are constantly blocked. To get your cigarettes is necessary to ask the person in charge of the vending machine (normally the barman, waiter or cashier) for unblocking it for you. After verifying your age, the vending machine will be unblocked by control remote.