Where To Madrid app review

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Save money knowing what are and where are the cheapest gas stations near your current position.

This application allows you to check the gas stations near your location (by price, distance, or on a map) and the price of fuel (petrol, diesel ...) on each of them to find the cheapest fuel. Once you select a gas station, this app guides you to reach there.

It also tells you how much you will save by refueling at a given gas station  regarding the most expensive in the area and includes a color code indicating the cheaper gas stations on green color and the expensive ones on red.

The data of the gas stations are provided by the Ministry of Industry, so the app is not responsible for pricing. The application includes an option to hide the gas stations that have outdated price, but can be changed in the preferences. This option hides the gas stations that are out of service or those who avoid updating the price in order to seem cheaper.

In the "preferences screen" it is possible to change the type of fuel or tank capacity for savings calculations, the gas stations that are showing (by distance, or limiting it to a certain number of stations) and other parameters (language, type of map, display mode, and more).