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Evernote is the app you need for all of your food experiences.

Discover and save delicious recipes and amazing restaurants. Document all your cooking and dining experiences with photos and notes. Share your beautiful meals with the world.

• Explore the best recipes from across the web and save them for later.
• Find great restaurants near you or anywhere in the world and add them to your list.
• Add photos, notes, & location to remember your food and experiences.
• Share your meals with friends through email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here are just a few ways Where to Madrid recommned you to use Evernote Food:

• Discover restaurants by location or cuisine and create a list of ones to visit for your city and for travel destinations.
• Remember culinary journeys using My Meals. Add images and notes on the food, wine, people, and ambience that make trips memorable.
• Build your own online cookbook using My Cookbook, where you can save recipes you want to try. Use tags to organize them based on diet and ingredients.
• Document each step of recipe preparation with photos and captions, from new creations to family favorites you want to preserve.
• Capture your food memories of special restaurant or home-cooked meals with family and friends. Take note of dishes you love so you can order them again.