Where To Madrid app review

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It covers your primary need: What bars are open around me?

RadarBar, the future of nightlife!! Your new application for Smartphone or smart mobile devices based on a search engine to find bars, pubs, bars, discos, clubs ... answering the question: What are the closest bars open around me in Madrid?
Downloading RadarBar you will find all kind of bars (clubs, pubs, karaoke, irish pub, coffee, tea rooms, after-hour, LGBT, alternative bars) that are closest to your position, make filters to find out what really interests you and rate and comment all those bars. Thanks to our extensive information you will know in advance the opening times, drink prices, music style and bar characteristics (darts, ticket restaurant, smoking area, foosball, gogos, famous drinks there ...). 

App features:
- Search open bars close to your position.
- Sort by price, style, music, opening times and labels.
- Register any bar, pub or nightclub you know.
- Read and write reviews about bars you visit.
- Find the best route to reach the best bar near your location using the smartphones gps-positioning system.