Where to watch horse racing in Madrid?

In Madrid is possible to enjoy beautiful mornings of horse racing at hippodrome La Zarzuela, Where To Madrid discovers you where

Hippodrome La Zarzuela of Madrid (web in spanish)
Located in the north west area of Madrid and only 8km from the city center, La Zarzuela is a very nice hippodrome and one of the best plans that Madrid offers on weekends mornings. Enjoy our sunny sunday mornings watching up to five different horse races and betting on the winner (there are five different modalities of bets). Other services like restaurant and bar are also available.
The hippodrome is also an amazing outdoor disco during the summer.

Entry price: General 9€. Principal 12€. Preference 30€.
Calendar of races

How to get there:
- By free bus on racing days:
To go: Departing from Paseo Moret (in front of Moncloa bus & metro station).

To go back: Departing from the south entry of the hippodrome.
- By public bus:
To go: Route 658 (departing from Isla 3 of Moncloa Bus Station)
             Route 651A
To go back: Route 651A
- By car: Highway A-6 (Madrid - A Coruña) km 8.
- By taxi: Around 10€ from Moncloa.