Where to find a night late chemist or pharmacy in Madrid?

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The easy way to find an open chemist or pharmacy in Madrid at any time is:

To download the app Farma Madrid here (app in spanish)
Quick and simple application. Introduce the town of Madrid or the Madrid city neighborhood where you are located and the app will show you all open duty chemist´s or pharmacies in the area.
Consult the chemist or pharmacy address and locate it´s position on the map. Thanks to your smarthphone GPS you will reach the chemist or pharmacy with no problems.

Visit our webpage Apps to enjoy Madrid to discover handy apps to visit Madrid.

To visit the following website here (in spanish)
The searching engine give you several options:
- To search by locality (if you are out of Madrid city) in the field "Buscar Farmacias" - "Población"
- To search by closest chemist or pharmacy by introducing your address in the field "Farmacias Cercanas" - "Dirección".
- To search by area (if you are in Madrid city) in the field "Farmacias" - "Consultar por zona".

To go to he closest chemist or pharmacy and :