Where to buy second hand staff in Madrid?

There are different options to buy second-hand products, items, household goods, gadgets, cars, bikes, motorbikes, and so on in Madrid. 

Where to Madrid offers you the most popular options:

 Second-Hand shops: The most popular is CashConverters

They have more than 10 shops in Madrid (situation) and they are known for selling quality-tested products. Their price use to be a little bit high since they offer 1-year guarantee on all products but it´s possible to find bargains. You can also sell products with exceptional conditions like the "30 days to recover your sold product". They even have a TV ad of this offer Watch Ad.

Street Market of Second-Hand products: The most popular is El Rastro (see website in spanish)

El Rastro is a symbol of Madrid and nowadays has become a tourist attraction. Every sunday morning and holyday there are hundreds of stands selling all kind of second-hand products and food. El Rastro is located in the neighborhood of La Latina (between the Metro Stations of La Latina and Puerta de Toledo, see map). There is not a better plan for a Sunday morning in Madrid city than having "Churros" for breakfast and visiting El Rastro street market during the morning.

Second-Hand websites:  The number one website of Second-Hand products is
Number one website for buying and selling second-hand products and assets in general (houses, cars, motorbikes, bikes, garages, boats, planes, horses, dogs, and so on) or renting services or houses. The website is only in spanish but finding the product or item you need is simple. Just choose your province, product category and keyword. The price and image is normally provided by the seller. Once you found your product, it´s possible to send a message or call the seller using the contact information provided at the right column of the webpage.