Where to buy food in Madrid?- Supermarkets

Where To Madrid shows you the main supermarkets where spanish people use to buy food:


Mercadona is the first choice of Spanish consumers. It's a 100% Spanish-owned distribution company within the supermarket segment.
Why is Mercadona the number 1 supermarket for Spanish consumers?

Mercadona has developed his own brand for every category of products with the best quality-price relationship in the market. From cereals, pasta, bread, milk products, sauces, drinks to beauty care products or cleaning products. Everything. 

+ Mercadona products have the best quality-price relationship in the supermarket segment. Like Apple or Amazon, if you play by Mercadona rules, you will be so happy.

- Variety of products really limited in each category of products. Just reduced to his own brands and a couple of brands more (in the best case). If you look for an international food brand, that´s not your place.

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Carrefour is the number 2 choice of Spanish consumers. The world’s second-largest retailer and the largest in Europe, the group currently operates four grocery store formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash&carry and convenience stores.

+ Good price, wide variety of brands per product in comparison with Mercadona, Carrefour stores use to be comfortable and spacious, Carrefour gas station in the hypermarkets parking with petrol at low prices.

- The price-quality relationship of Carrefour products (own brands) is worse than Mercadona products.

Eroski is a merger of different chains of Spanish supermarkets. With a medium price and a good variety of products, it´s also trying to introduce his own brand (given the success of Mercadona) at low prices.

+ Medium price, a lot of different offers and discounts buying two or three products, good assortment of products.

- The price-quality relationship of Eroski products (own brands) is worse than Mercadona products.

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If you like to have multiple choice for each product that´s your place. Supercor stores have the widest range of brands of the Spanish supermarket segment. Supercor staff is really professional and stores display is upon the average market. Like their competitors, Supercor has developed his own brand (called Aliada) at lower prices.

+ Widest range of brands, multiple choice for each product, staff professional and stores display really good.

- Expensive (not that expensive if you buy only Aliada products

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Dia stores are basically discount supermarkets located in residential areas (called in Spain proximity supermarkets). With more than 1.700 stores in Spain, it will be always easy for you to find a Dia supermarket close to your place.

+ Cheap, a lot of stores.
- Messy and chaotic stores

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