Tax advantages for tourists in Spain

Value Added Tax refund: Get a cash refund of the 21% of your purchases in Spain.

If you reside in a non European Union (EU) country, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, you can request the 21% Value Added Tax refund on goods purchased in Spain for purchases over 90,15 Euros.

Look for stores with the Tax Free signs.

Global Blue Tax Free: website
Tax Free Premier: website

How it works:
  1. At the store, ask for your tax refund ticket (tax free or global blue)..
  2. The store assistant will give you an invoice which includes the price and the tax on each item. You can accumulate these invoices if you shop at different stores. 
  3. When you go to the airport to depart, look for the Spanish customs desk. 
  4. You must have your invoices, the form asking for the refund filled out (stores will give you the form, along with the invoices), your passport and your flight ticket.
  5. You then show the inspectors the items you have bought and the inspectors will stamp your form. 
  6. After going through the airport inspection look for the Tax Free and Global Blue desks or offices situated at Madrid Barajas airport (Terminal 1 & 4), for a cash refund.